Saturday, October 11, 2008

TokTok Mobile Frontend - Beta Version running!!

It's the last day (actually night;-) of the Center Venture and we have reached another big milestone: the Beta version of the TokTok - Mobile Client is running. It's still in Beta-Status and not yet completely polished, but it's running! The user interface and interaction is implemented as it was defined in the paper prototype. This version is much more than a usual click-dummy as it polls real facebook-data and let's you interact with it. You can display your facebook-friends and their current distances to you. This is being calculated by GPS or Cell-Id using the Aloqa-Framework. Additionally, you can write messages to your friends, poke them or show their detailed profile information. Also you can set notification jobs, i.e. tell your mobile phone to notify you when specific facebook-friends come close-by. By push-technology of course! ;-) Last but not least, you can update your personal facebook status message. And all these features have one name: TokTok!! ;-))
The product is running, goal achieved!! Next steps: drive user tests, debug code, iterative UI-Design. We will upload a tested version of the TokTok application soon on . Stay tuned and make sure to check out the application one's it's launched!

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