Monday, September 29, 2008

15 creative minds, 5 days, 1 product

...that the world has been waiting for!

What is this Project about?
In just 5 session, a team of 15 students with backgrounds in engineering, computer science and administration are going to develop a Mobile Application from scratch that informs you about the presence of facebook-friends in your 'hotzone' (distance of X-inf. meters) and lets you interact with them in a certain way. This application is based on cutting edge mobile technologies and we will launch it on the facebook-platform open to 100 million + active users.

What is the Background?

Today’s cellphones allow us to move through urban spaces while being connected to the web. This shift from static to mobile interfaces will enhance our real world experience by digital information received from virtual worlds, e.g. online communities like facebook). This new type of interaction in a so-called hybrid space leads to blurring boarders between the physical worlds where people live and act worlds and online communities!

First day 29.09. : Brainstorming Session and Kick-Off

What do we have? What do we want?
Our partner is Aloqa who provide an open-source API for mobile services especially geographical proximity.
We want to bring people together, or solve some problem they might have (maybe using the Facebook network)
let's think
After several hours of brainstorming, being creative and using methods we came up with very hyper-sophisticated specialised ideas for applications.. totally overengineered;)
we had to make a big big step back and rethink with less brainstorm!
The old, well known formula!!

Okay, we do it easy: localised facebook: display facebook friends, set a hotzone radius and get notified when a friend enters your hotzone; and then, whatelse) Mark: we just ----- say hello, thats it!

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